Kitchen Equipment Cleaning: Restaurant, Commercial, Industrial

Avoid costly fines, save money on repairs and equipment replacement, and improve environmental conditions for staff and customers with commercial and industrial kitchen equipment cleaning from Performance Industrial!

Did you know…

…Municipalities are cracking down on sewer line contaminants, also known as FOGS (fats, greases, oils and solids). If your commercial cleaning and maintenance company doesn’t have a comprehensive grease management solution – one that cleans from kitchen to roof, and to external grease interceptors – you could be held liable for damage to neighboring businesses or residences for failure to maintain the proper environmental conditions.

Many commercial and industrial kitchens contract someone to do the job of cleaning their hoods and exhaust systems, only to find that they’ve hired an inferior cleaning company and they are now in violation of EPA standards.

Naturally, if you’ve got grease and buildup on your hoods and exhaust systems, you also run the risk of costly and potentially fatal fires. We’ve worked with customers who thought they were in good shape, only to discover – the hard way – that their hoods, vents and exhaust systems were far below legal standards of compliance.  The resulting costs may include getting slapped with fines for failure to address the problem, along with a lot of lost time, revenue and headaches.

What’s the Solution?

Our crews are trained to apply the highest standards and professional cleaning solutions for:

  • Kitchen hoods and exhaust systems
  • Commercial ovens and equipment
  • Kitchen floors
  • Grease contaminant solutions

Cleaning a commercial kitchen requires knowledge, experience, the right equipment and the qualified team to do it right the first time.  Our cleaning techniques may include non-caustic degreasers, pressure washing, scrapers and a containment system allowing us to take your equipment down to bare metal standards.  (See our Before and After photos!) Time and again, we have saved our Performance Industrial customers time and money by helping them avoid costly fines, along with equipment repairs and replacements.

As a company whose staff is PECT Certified (Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician) through the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA),  we can offer our customers regular cleaning and maintenance programs that provide total cleaning, maintenance and grease management solutions. (See our Kitchen Exhaust System Checklist here)

We also understand how important it is to minimize or eliminate downtime to complete your cleaning, and ensure your equipment and facility is clean, degreased, and ready to perform.

What Does That Mean for Our Customers?

In short, it means a cleaner, healthier and safer work environment for your staff and the kind of environment that your patrons will want to come back to time and again.

Performance Industrial has offices in South Glens Falls and Albany, New York. We provide professional kitchen equipment cleaning for restaurants, commercial and industrial kitchens in Upstate New York and Western Massachusetts.  Visit our services page or call us at (518) 793-9274 to learn more about our commercial and industrial cleaning and painting capabilities!

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