Project Description

Project Details

  • Customer: Green Mountain Coffee, Waterbury VT
  • Project: Warehouse cleaning
  • Industry: Food


Clean the entire inside of a working warehouse without disrupting the flow of work.


A dedicated cleaning crew using a self containment cleaning system working in tandem with warehouse employees.


Impeccably clean coffee warehouse and an undisturbed production line.

Warehouse Cleaning for Green Mountain Coffee & Brews

In a continuous effort to exceed Food Service Industry standards, Bill Rutkowski, Facilities Project Manager, wanted to clean the entire interior of the “Green Bean Warehouse.” The warehouse is home to stacks of 150 lb bags of raw coffee beans from all over the world.

Bill met with Mark Miller, President of Performance Industrial, to assess the project. The project would need to be completed in such a way as to not interrupt the flow of production or impede the workers while still giving the cleaning crew the space they needed to complete their job.

The crew carefully covered the warehouse equipment. They utilized boom/man lifts to gain safe access to the ceiling and self-contained industrial vacuums to clean the entire ceiling, walls and attached fixtures. The warehouse workers and the Performance crew worked in tandem to move equipment and product to accommodate the cleaning process.

Bill said, “The cleaning crew worked diligently and had the job completed sooner than expected. Performance is our first choice and I would highly recommend them to anyone because of their professionalism, motivated workforce and the value they bring with everything they do.”